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How long/What causes item to disappear in Minecraft?

Hey there,

i read here a lot about your own dropped item's, and that they will stay for about 5min after their drop ...

I was wondering, how often do i have to check my mob traps, to get the maximum amount of dropped items. So, is it the same situation with loot dropped by mobs, and therefore do i need to check the traps within 5mins?

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    all other questions/answers cover items dropped by players; until javier badia's answer, it was never stated that all dropped items behave the same – frosch03 Apr 13 '11 at 10:08

It's the same. All dropped items disappear after 5 minutes. The best way to gather the loot from mob traps is simply to stand in the collection point for a while. You can open your inventory so the game doesn't pause if you leave it and go do something else.

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