Since a couple of month Ingress has this share button on certain screens (most useful one is probably the player profile). If you press that, it opens a selection of where you want to share the picture, and takes a full-size screenshot.

On Android, you can just press the back-button and not do anything and the screenshot will end up as an image file in your phone's library (but in a separate folder). However, on iOS I cannot find the file. If you select G+ or similar target, you can upload it. But it doesn't go in the image library and it doesn't seem to go anywhere else.

I want to archive those screenshots. Where do they go?

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    Use the screenshot method? – Ben Jan 5 '15 at 23:48
  • @Ben as in taking a regular screenshot yourself? The agent profile screen has a scroll bar, and the share functionality stitches it together as one looong image. Taking a screenshot manually will result in losing the lower (or upper) part of the data. That doesn't work for my purposes unfortunately. – simbabque Jan 5 '15 at 23:50

I’m running iOS 7 and for me the screenshots do end up under Photos even when I press Cancel in the share settings. Perhaps you declined, when Ingress first prompted you for access to your photos. Check it from under iOS Settings -> Privacy -> Photos.

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It does not seem like it is possible to save directly to your photos, however a workaround would be to send it as a text message or an email then save it from there. While this is still "uploading" you are not posting this on social media as you can email this to yourself.

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