Is there a way to set the direction you face when you set a new spawn or teleport to a new location?

For example, if I create a notice board in the spawn location facing north, and every one keeps spawning facing east, there's a possibility they may not see the board.

Or if I teleport to a new location, I might always end up facing a wall(east), when I want to spawn in the new location facing down a corridor(north).

So can I set the direction a player faces when they spawn or teleport?

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    Make another place to spawn and teleport them to fake spawn with a 20hz clock. Following is the syntax for /tp command: /tp [target entity] <x> <y> <z> [<rx> <ry>]; <rx> is vertical rotation and <ry> is horizontal rotation. See minecraft.gamepedia.com/Commands#tp
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Based off of QbsidianH20's comment, to do it with commands only, follow the below guide which extra information can be found here.

To start off, the command you are looking for is shown below:

/tp [target player] <x> <y> <z> [<y-rot> <x-rot>]

Syntax for the above command:

  • [target player] is the player that will be teleported.
  • <x> is the X coordinate the targeted player will be teleported to.
  • <y> is the Y coordinate the targeted player will be teleported to.
  • <z> is the Z coordinate the targeted player will be teleported to.
  • [<y-rot> <x-rot>] is the rotation on the Y and X axis that the player will be rotated accordingly on.

Guide for usage:

  1. Firstly, find your position on the map. Press F3 and jot down your X, Y & Z coordinates located on the left.
  2. Then type into the chat bar /tp [target player] <x> <y> <z> [<y-rot> <x-rot>] replacing <x>, <y> and <z> with your coordinates you wrote down.
  3. Then, change <y-rot> and <x-rot> with the angles you want.

Angles/Rotation Description from Commands page

y-rot (optional)

Specifies the horizontal rotation (-180.0 for due north, -90.0 for due east, 0.0 for due south, 90.0 for due west, to 179.9 for just west of north, before wrapping back around to -180.0). Tilde notation can be used to specify a rotation relative to the target's previous rotation.

x-rot (optional)

Specifies the vertical rotation (-90.0 for straight up to 90.0 for straight down). Tilde notation can be used to specify a rotation relative to the target's previous rotation.

As for when the player spawns, if you are using Bukkit for the setspawn command, using plugins like this automatically make the facing direction wherever you were looking when you executed the setspawn command.

If not, put a pressure plate down on the spawn block, a command block under that and teleport the nearest player wherever you want (a good suggestion again from QbsidianH20 would be a fake spawn), by inputting the below command into the command block:

/tp @p [x=0,y=0,z=0,r=0] tp coordinates

Where the values x, y, z define the center of the search (the player nearest to these coordinates would get teleported) and r defines the radius of the search. If you don't want to limit the radius omit r.

Do not use decimal values for the search center, this will not work.

  • Excerpt from this Arqade question.

Good luck!

  • It might be important to note that the rotation functionality of the tp command is available with Minecraft 1.8 and newer; sadly, there doesn't seem to be a solution for Minecraft 1.7
    – Tacticus
    May 9, 2016 at 11:48

Use /execute in <dimension> run tp <selector> <x> <y> <z> <rx> <ry>. PS: <rx> is your vertical rotation, <ry> is your horizontal rotation. Also, if you want to do this faster, doing F3+C will copy your exact location into a command that will teleport to where you did F3+C.


If you do /tp [Player] [x] [y] [z]

Lets talk about a circle...

A circle has 360 degrees.

/tp [Player] [x] [y] [z] [x-rot] [y-rot]

x is vertical, y is horizontal.

Hope I helped!

  • so, you can enter in the amount of degrees you want them turned? if so you should make that more clear
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Im not completely sure what you want, but I think this is the answer.

After pressing F3, look at "facing" and at the end of this line, there should be a few numbers, like 89.0 -5.6 or 7.9 40.1, look at the direction you want the player to look at, and copy those numbers, and put them at the end of your tp command.

Example: /tp @p ~ ~ ~ 6.7 7.9


If you are looking to make a block face another direction(ex; button, log, sign) you can use the /setblock command. Here's an example /setblock minecraft:button[facing=north] you can replace north with any answer you want. If you want it to face up or down you can use /setblock minecraft:button[face=ceiling] or /setblock minecraft:button[face=floor] prospectively.


This mod may be the answer for 1.7. It says in the description that you can place a spawn, then when you spawn back to it, it will face you in the same direction you were facing when you made the spawn.


After not getting to understand this here or on Youtube, I did some research and came with a video of mine:

It explains how to use the y-rot and x-rot parameters in the /tp command: Y-rot is the horizontal rotation (-180.0 is north, -90.0 is east, 0.0 is south, 90.0 is west) and x-rot is the vertical rotation (90 is down, 0 forward, -90 up).

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If you're on a server and there's Essentials installed, use /minecraft:tp. Otherwise, it won't work!

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    That is just not true, as you can see in the other answers. Nov 2, 2017 at 9:42

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