My 40gb PS3 has recently started making dirty fan noises. On my PC I would remove a side panel and clean everything out with a can of compressed air. But I'm unsure if this is the correct procedure for a PS3.

So: What is the best practice for cleaning the fans on PS3? Can I just push compressed air straight into the vents, or should I take it apart first?

  • This comment is way to late for this post but just for future visitors a quick heads-up. This may seem a very logical precaution for a lot of people but make sure that you dont have warranty left on your ps3 before taking it apart for proper cleaning. Opening the ps3 breaks a seal and so voiding your warranty. So any future damage done wont be covered because of it. – Marco Geertsma Apr 11 '13 at 8:50

I have cleaned my PS3 vents several times with no damage done... I've discovered that the PS3 is an easy to open/re-assemble system.

In my case I think is better to clean the PS3 internally ...

you can follow this video ... it shows how to open the case of the PS3 in order to clean it.


I use a small paintbrush to clean out the dust in my ps3 system, might sound unusual but it does work as I have had mine for 4 years now and it still works perfectly. Also saves having to faff around opening up the system just to clean it out.

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    Just like to point out that paintbrushes are often conductive, so using them on computer hardware may have disastrous results. Of course, that is not a concern for fans and such. – kotekzot Feb 20 '12 at 20:45

I have a can of compressed air/gas

Every now and again, I blow it through the vents on the side, back and underneath and I've not had any problems with my system

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