I found the slave camp before I found The Pitt guy. I killed the slavers, freed the slaves, talked to The Pitt guy and didn't choose the right dialog options. Then went back to Megaton to do a whole lot of other things before returning to The Pitt guy, and only by now did I found out that I did choose the wrong dialog options. So, I need a slave outfit.

Problem is, I went there around level 11, I'm 25 by now. I don't have a save game from then nor do I intend to start the game all over again.

How can I still aquire a slave outfit? Or is it impossible now to play this quest?

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Step one is to return to the train tunnel, which is near the north end of the map, northwest of Fort Constantine and a distance east of Raven Rock.

If you didn't take it and sell it, there's a slave outfit in the slave pen here, on a dead slave. It doesn't sound like you did this, but you might have and then didn't mention it in your question.

If you can't find a slave outfit, you should try entering the train tunnel anyhow - the quest page for Into the Pitt says that Werhner will take you to the Pitt even if you opt not to take a disguise.

I myself abandoned the disguise early on, and the DLC plays out roughly the same in this case.

  • I did try this before, no luck. Now THE slave was here again. Maby Some bug orso. Thank you!
    – Chilion
    Commented Jan 13, 2015 at 6:30

I read on the Fallout Wiki that Prosper will likely end up at the entrance to Vault 101, and you can get his clothes through dialog. I tested this as I did the same thing as you, and it worked.

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