Could anyone tell me all of the different combos that are executable for all kinds of purposes? Attack combos are not required, they just need to be viable in gameplay.

  • different damage output mostly.... because you want to acoid overkills – DropDeadSander - EUW Jan 15 '15 at 7:52
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    I'd suggest you watch some LeBlanc video's about juking and avoiding. Attack combo's are quite self-explanatory. – Praetorae Jan 15 '15 at 10:13

Basically every combo is viable but you have to know when to use it.


The most basic combo is straightforward damage:

Q -> R -> W -> E -> (Q)

This will bring the highest amount of damage within a short time on a target. The second instance of your Q will get triggered by the imitated ability while the second instance of your R gets triggered by either W or E.

(Q) -> W -> R -> (E)

This is basically just for the maximum amount of AOE Damage. You can bring in some other spells for more focus damage but in general this is a great way to clear waves and to teamfight against a stacked team.

Q -> E/R

Basically an easy harass against someone who could stun and kill you. Also really good to use if you need to save your Jump for a potential jungle gank.


(W) -> (Q) -> E -> R

Leblanc actually has pretty nice CC and catching potential with this combo. You can slow + snare two targets like this. Just always make sure that you use it on two targets. If you just want to chase down a single target it's better to go for:

(W) -> E -> Q -> R


W -> R -> (W) -> (R)

This combo makes LeBlanc the Juke-Queen. You can use this combo cover huge distances while also being able to re-teleport back to your starting point. You can confuse People easily, especially if you are teleporting out of a bush.

A general thing to say for the mobility part: Use Q only if you have the time for it. Usually E is stronger since you either want to chase down or get away from an enemy. Q has a casttime and is a distance loss if cast in the wrong moment.

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