What is the name of the Easter egg within Google Chrome that's available when you're offline?

Screenshot of game

It involves controlling a T rex which is trying to jump over cacti.


It's sometimes called the downasaur. I don't know if it was originally his name, but some google folks seem to call it that way nowadays :D

See here: https://developers.google.com/web/progressive-web-apps/

Reliable - Load instantly and never show the downasaur, even in uncertain network conditions.

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It is simply called T-Rex or T-Rex Runner in the source code, and doesn't seem to have an official name. As it is an Easter Egg, it is likely it will never get one unless or until it is officially acknowledged. The patch with this change also doesn't seem to name it, it simply refers to a bug which is not available to view.

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I think the name is Chrome Jump because their is an app based off of it and that is called Chrome Jump.

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    Searching google for "Chrome Jump" returned no relevant results. – AnnanFay Nov 6 '17 at 12:21

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