In Super Meat boy I have completed the 1st world and am currently on the second world. I usually like doing everything I can before moving on to a new thing in video games. So I collected all the bangages and got A+ on all the light world levels. But I noticed when I completed Sky Pup and Hand Held Mask they still were purple. But when I completed The Commander! it turned red. I've collected the two bandages on each and completed them. Is there a way to turn them red/complete them or do they just stay like that?

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They're not supposed to.

According to Super Meat Boy Wiki:

Bandage Warp Zone appears three times per world. (2 in light world, 1 in dark world).
When viewing them from the map, they are purple in the light world, and black vice-versa.

Character Warp Zone appears once per world.
When being viewed from the map, or when entering one, they are red.

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