I have some razer kraken's (non pro, no mic) that will plug into 3.5mm jack on the controller.

Then use the Ps4 camera for picking up my voice.

I don't own a ps4 camera yet, i did try this with my Snowball USB mic and it works. All Audio comes through my headphones but my voice is picked up via snowball.

I will be using my snowball for my pc so i just want to know if this will work before i purchase the ps4 camera.

I presume it will work the same as the snowball but i am just worried it will not due to it being apart of the playstation ecosystem and may act a little different. Otherwise i'll just buy another snowball.

Can anybody confirm?

Edit: FYI this works, though now i get the sound from both headset and TV, i just mute the TV.

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