The full description when I click resume game or load a save is "the selected save game cannot be loaded. the following downloadable content is missing: from ashes". I click downloadable content on the ME3 title screen and I scroll down to the bottom and it says I own the "From Ashes" dlc, so I don't understand why it's doing this. I'm connected to the EA servers also.

I tried right clicking on the my games section of Origin and selecting the repair function on ME3. That didn't fix it and I've tried re-installing it, still to no avail though.

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    I can believe that saying you own "From Ashes" is different from saying you have "From Ashes" installed.
    – Chris
    Jul 28, 2015 at 14:04

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Go to Origin and download From Ashes DLC. If it doesn't work, remove the DLC and install it again.

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