Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact wording of the effect in game. It's something along the lines of "Don't die until health reaches:".

I assume the way this works is that your health can drop below 0, and instead of dying at 0, you die at the number the item mentions.

However, I have two items, each of which have this attribute with a value of -40. If I equip both at the same time, does that mean I won't die until my health reaches -80? Or is it just an effect that you either have or don't, and it's still -40 even with both equipped?

I couldn't find this stat on my character screen, so I wasn't sure if it stacked, and it's not exactly the kind of thing I want to science myself.

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You can't find this "stat" on your character screen because it's not a stat at all, but an effect, known as Heroism.

And as such, it does not stack with each other, you'll still die at -40 Health even with both items equipped. If you unequip the items while your health is negative, you'll die instantly.

For more information on this and more effects, refer to this page on the Official Wiki.


I assume you mean the Heroism infusion? It's an infusion. And since infusions work like talents, I'm afraid they won't stack.

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