Disclaimer: (Yes, this is a real game)

In the Montage parody game (GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT vs. xxXilluminatiXxx [wow/10 #rekt edition] Montage Parody The Game) the stats shown in the top right of the screenshot below seem to tick up as you move around, and can be reset to 0 by picking up the Doritos bags & Dew cans respectively. Picking up these items also restores health.

But I haven't seen any effect (negative or otherwise) from the stats alone.

Do they have an effect in-game?

Screenshot in-game showing the 'hungryiness' and 'thirst4Dew' stars

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    I also considered [gameoftheyear-420blazeit] for the tag, but opted for the safer option
    – Robotnik
    Jan 25, 2015 at 4:07
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    What the hell is this...
    – Anto
    May 5, 2015 at 23:30
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    @Anto - lol. Only the most dank MLG Montage video game ever created.
    – Robotnik
    May 5, 2015 at 23:56

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I decompiled the game source code, and it shows that if your hunger (or thirst) "points" are at 100, it applies 5 "starve" (or thirst) damage every 3 seconds. These can both apply at the same time.

public float starveInterval = 3f; 
public float starveAmt = -5f;

if (lastHungerTime + hungerInterval < Time.time) 

if (hungerPoints == maxHungerPoints && lastStarveTime + starveInterval < Time.time && hitPoints > 0.0) 
    (Instantiate(painFadeObj) as GameObject).GetComponent<PainFade>().FadeIn(PainColor, painTexture, 0.75f); 
    if (hitPoints < 1.0) 
    timeLastDamaged = Time.time; lastStarveTime = Time.time; 
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    Despite it saying "HealPlayer", it's actually passing through a negative amount - starveAmt - which applies negative "healing" - damage. May 7, 2015 at 2:10

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