I want to make a waypoint to my house so I can go back easily when I finish exploring the world and fighting mobs. How can I make this happen?

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I would suggest using VoxelMap.

From a post from the developer on the Minecraft Forums:

To install:

  1. install Liteloader. Follow the instructions in its thread. For 1.8, from the liteloader thread: "Development builds are available from the Jenkins build server". There's a beta build of Liteloader for 1.8 there
  2. put the voxelmap .litemod file in your minecraft /mods folder
  3. launch Minecraft with the liteloader profile

beacons are a great way to waypoint an area in the world they can cost a lot of iron, gold, diamonds or emeralds but believe me it really helps. Another way is remembering the "X,Y and Z" location on your map i.e. X 233, Y 56, Z 12


If you have a waypoint mod look in the controls for the hotkey. Once you find it leave controls and press the hotkey then you can set a waypoint. If you don't have any waypoint mods you can pillar up with any block and at the top place a torch. make sure you have a water bucket to slow your fall.

  • By the way this is pretty cheap and beacons work just as well. Nov 26, 2016 at 19:24

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