So I saw that Giftapults can be crafted cheaply, and I thought I'd use this as a nice way to get rid of some items I'm never going to use that might be valuable to others (no, not crates). I crafted a Giftapult and used it on another item to make a Loaded Giftapult.

Now I don't see how to use it.

  • Clicking on it in my backpack in TF2 gives me a menu which allows me to rename or delete it.

  • Some signs point to it being an Action Item, but when I try to equip it in the Action slot it's not in the valid items list, and in the all-items view it says "( Item cannot be used by this class. )". I tried all nine classes; same result.

I've tried all this while both connected to a server and not.

The Loaded Giftapult is marked "( Not Tradable )" but that seems to be normal.

  • Sadly, this has been bugged since one of the recent updates. The backpack menu should have an option to launch it, but doesn't. – Powerlord Jan 25 '15 at 19:36

This was fixed in the TF2 update for 1/27/15:

  • Fixed wrapped Giftapult packages not having the "Deliver Gift" option in the context menu

To use a Giftapult, open up your backpack, scroll to the Giftapult desired, right click and it will open a context menu for launching it.

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