Question is fairly understandable from title. I wanted to enchant fishing rod .I have 2 questions to ask

1) at what level lure enchantment is available?

2) What is best experience level (in Minecraft 1.7.2 all experience is used in enchanting) for enchanting fishing rod?


It seems like you are actually looking for enchantment probabilities: fishing rod enchantment probabilities Note that the lines of Lure I and Luck of the Sea I overlap (same for II and III). This means that the probability of getting Lure is the same as the probability of getting Luck of the Sea.

To answer you questions:

1) The lure enchantment is available on level 12, but the probability of getting it is less than 1%

2) The answer to the second question depends on what you actually want to achieve. Assuming you want the best chance of getting Lure and/or Luck of the Sea in a single enchantment, it is best to enchant on level 30. The combined probability of getting any Lure (I, II, or III) is 53% at level 30. Same for Luck of the Sea: fishing rod lure combined probability

  • Thanks. So lure 1 starts from level 12. I have current level 22. So i am going to need many cows for leather and i will enchant fishing rod.
    – Fennekin
    Jan 29 '15 at 13:03

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