I was King of Eire, and I've created the Empire of Alba.

I was surprised to notice that the Kingdom of Eire and the Empire of Alba have two separate successors.

What happens when I die, if two different kinsman get voted? I guess I would have the Empire, but can I have an Empire without having a Kingdom, and having a Duchy (Mide) inside that Kingdom itself?

(sure, I could just destroy the kingdoms, but that's beside the point of this question)

I also have the Kingdom of Wales, I've not created the Kingdom of Alba/Scotland, and while I control most of England and I'm sometimes voted to be heir of England, it's still independent.

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The kingdom will go to whoever it gets elected to, and you'll keep the empire with the king as a vassal under you. After the initial creation of an empire, there is no requirement saying you need to continue to hold a kingdom title. Even without owning the Kingdom of Wales this would be true. It is perfectly possible to be the Emperor of X without being the King of anything.

So basically you'll have one empire, one kingdom, one duchy, and one likely pretty pissed off vassal king. Better hope he's not ambitious.

  • While the Kingdom remains in your dynasty, there's a decent chance that it will pass back to your character or your heir, especially if you have an especially long-lived emperor. However, while the Kingdom is not in your direct control, it's likely to undergo a revolt or voluntary change in succession laws, giving the AI's further opportunities to screw up your dynasty.
    – Dacio
    Commented Nov 23, 2015 at 17:57

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