I was King of Eire, and I've created the Empire of Alba.

I was surprised to notice that the Kingdom of Eire and the Empire of Alba have two separate successors.

What happens when I die, if two different kinsman get voted? I guess I would have the Empire, but can I have an Empire without having a Kingdom, and having a Duchy (Mide) inside that Kingdom itself?

(sure, I could just destroy the kingdoms, but that's beside the point of this question)

I also have the Kingdom of Wales, I've not created the Kingdom of Alba/Scotland, and while I control most of England and I'm sometimes voted to be heir of England, it's still independent.


The kingdom will go to whoever it gets elected to, and you'll keep the empire with the king as a vassal under you. After the initial creation of an empire, there is no requirement saying you need to continue to hold a kingdom title. Even without owning the Kingdom of Wales this would be true. It is perfectly possible to be the Emperor of X without being the King of anything.

So basically you'll have one empire, one kingdom, one duchy, and one likely pretty pissed off vassal king. Better hope he's not ambitious.

  • While the Kingdom remains in your dynasty, there's a decent chance that it will pass back to your character or your heir, especially if you have an especially long-lived emperor. However, while the Kingdom is not in your direct control, it's likely to undergo a revolt or voluntary change in succession laws, giving the AI's further opportunities to screw up your dynasty.
    – Dacio
    Nov 23 '15 at 17:57

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