I got the season pass for advanced warfare and your supposed to get all the dlc's when they come out. I downloaded atlas gorge. Zombies came out a couple weeks ago. How do I download Advanced warfare zombies? Im on ps3.

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Exo-Zombies only just came out a few days ago for Xbox platforms only, you have to wait a while (usually a month) before other platforms can purchase/download Call of Duty DLCs.

Beginning Jan. 27, those playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox will be able to purchase and download the $15 Havoc DLC; a collection of post-launch content that both introduces Exo Zombies and fleshes out the game's current collection of competitive multiplayer maps. After 30 days, those playing Advanced Warfare on PlayStation 3, PS4 and/or PC will also be given a chance to buy the Havoc DLC and check out the latest iteration of Call of Duty's love-it-or-hate-it Zombies mode.


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