I'm trying to figure out how to get achievements in Minecraft Beta 1.5. I'm on a multiplayer server, and there's a message that says Press 'I' to open your inventory in the top-right corner. However, when I open my inventory, nothing happens.

Looking at the Achievements page in the game menu, Taking Inventory is highlighted and blinking, and no other achievements appear to be available for collection. Is there a step I'm missing, like selecting the achievement somehow? Or does it just not work yet?


Apparently you have to load single-player first, and get the very first achievement. After that, achievements will work fine in both single-player and multiplayer.

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    Yeah this is a known bug on the Wiki.. Do the first achievement in Single Player... Also if you fail to get an achievement it suggests trying it again in a new world.
    – James
    Apr 19 '11 at 20:07

Perhaps there is a problem with your achievements file in the .minecraft folder; try deleting it.

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