Where are the easter eggs in The Talos Principle and how do you obtain them?

These are the easter eggs I have found:

  1. At the messenger place at hall B there is a secret path underwater, which leads to The Swapper statue.

  2. At some world in B there is a boarded up "door", which you can break with a metal [tool?]

  3. At B4 right near teleport you can open stone" " door and see "Entry denied" message. It is "usable", but I don't know how to activate it.

  4. At some world in C, near "7 doors" puzzle you can find a Minecraft sword.

  5. At some world at B (B2? the one with 4 statues and the star near them) you can find a hole with a bed.

and I think there should be more.

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Information (slightly modified and reformatted) from http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=355489493&insideModal=1

  1. World A Hub

    Developer Island: In the Hub, in front of the level 7 teleporter go through the wall on the other side of the hub where a teleporter would be if there were another level between the 6 and the one blocked by wood.

  2. World A-2

    a) Message in a bottle N°1: Right of the "Hall of Windows" puzzle entrance, between two rocks near the peninsula with two trees.

    b) Message in a bottle N°2: Left of the extra Computer, between some rocks.

  3. World A-4

    a) Floppy Disk: On the left area near the teleporter you can climb a slope to walk on the wall. You need to follow the path, it will be on top of the white column and the end. When you finally get it, don't forget to check it's content at the nearest computer.

    b) Talkie Walkie: From the teleporter, go straight ahead to the opposite side of the map then jump on the path below. From here go right and jump on the platform across the gap. It will be a bit further ahead after this.

    c) Literal Easter Egg in a nest: Get on the far right side of the area, behind the "Push if Further" puzzle. There is a path going down with a U-turn near a tree. The Egg is hidden on the right side of this turn

  4. World A-7

    a) SOS Signal: At the far right of the shore, it's written in the sand.

    b) Terminal with Blue Screen of Death: At the far left of the shore, look at the screen of the terminal.

  5. World A-Star

    Mirror: Right of the entrance of the "Jammed from Within" puzzle. The path is hidden behind some trees.

  6. World A-Messenger

    Monkey in a cage: In an area behind the waterfall on the right of the teleporter. You can access it by jumping from the right side of the cliff.

  7. World B-1

    Soldier Helmet: In puzzle "Window through a Door" in the last area where you get the tetromino. You can see it (in 3rd person mode) across one of the wall to the desert. In "Road of Death" take the cube to the other side. Then place it near third window and jump in it. From here go carefully around the map back to where the helmet is.

  8. World B-2

    a) Bedroom: It's just outside "The Tomb" puzzle. Go right from up the slope leading to the star area. From here you have to jump on the left side of the tomb entrance. Here it will be inside a hole in the ground.

    b) Telescope + Spaaace: On the left side of the moon you can see a connector (Bind the zoom, it help). Power from the "Moonshot" puzzle using the connector and the red laser. For the telescope, get Inside "Man on the Moon" puzzle. First you need to get the key in the far right area of the puzzle, it's easy to find. The telescope is just above the key. To get there, use the left fan to jump on the platform on the left. To manage this you must hold left and bounce on the column during the jump. Look into the telescope.

  9. World B-3

    a) Funky Hallway: Just right before the entrance of the "Blown Away" puzzle, go to the shadow on the right. In the corner you'll find a slope leading to this Easter egg.

    b) Pacman: From the entrance, go to 8 o'clock into the corner of the map. If will be just below the palm tree.

  10. World B-4

    a) Papers Please: Right behind the teleporter you can use the wall and it will open. But it will show you and "entry denied" message. In the "Wrap Around the Corner" puzzle (first one on the left), you will find an "approved" stamp on the Hint Altar. Now go back to the message and stamp it away.

    b) Dynamite: Again in the "Wrap Around the Corner" puzzle, get into the far right area. Then jump from the stairs to the wall. You'll find the dynamite just where you land. You can then go use it on the Sphinx (left side).

  11. World B-5

    a) Telescope + Liberty Statue: Behind the "Alley of the Pressure Plates" you will find it in the middle of the sunken structure. To be able to use the telescope you first need to get the key in the water right below it.

    b) Hidden Cave: In the "Behind the Iron Curtain puzzle", get to the fan with 2 boxes and bring those up on the platform. Now put one on the air flow, use the other one to jump on it then take it with you before jumping on the wall. Now jump into the small area below. Here start by sending the box outside using the fan, then take the other fan with you before getting outside. From here take the box and the fan to the other side of the nearest sunken contraption. Use the box to get on the wall and put the fan into the mechanism. Jump on this fan ! You will land right next to the teleporter.

  12. World B-6

    Sam's Room: You need to climb to the top of the teleporter room. Start from the only stone you can jump on, next jump on the statue and then on the wall. From here jump on the edge sticking out of the exterior wall and follow it to the left until the end. Then jump from column to column until you get to the top.

  13. World B-7

    a) Coconut tree: From the teleporter, if you look in direction of the pyramid, on the left you will see a leaning obelisk. It's right there, look up.

    b) CRObar + Cube Room: Go left of the "Whole Lotta Jamming" puzzle and follow the wall until you see some ruins. Here you will find Freeman's favourite weapon.From here continue in the direction of the ruins with two obelisks. On the way stop at the half sunken statue. On the ground there is some wooden planks to break. Get inside. Inside the room you can break one of the boxes for a little surprise.

    c) Skeletons: Behind the "Bouncing Side by Side" puzzle on a tiny dune.

  14. World B-Messenger

    Head Statue "The Swapper" reference: From the entrance, get to the river and follow it in the wrong direction, you'll reach an underwater passageway. You can use the two rocks in front of it.

  15. World C-1

    a) Glitchy Room with Elohim: Looking at the entrance of the puzzle "The Conservatory", follow the right wall of this puzzle. You will soon hear and see a glitchy square on the ground. Just walk on it. (Having discovered this one myself, I find that if walking on it doesn't trigger it, try jumping on it)

    b) Gnaar Statue: On this map you can find 10 parts of a Gnaar statue hidden a bit everywhere outside the puzzles areas. There is a pedestal on which you can rebuild it for a little surprise.

  16. World C-2

    a) Fork Parker & Money: From the teleporter, go straight ahead into the red door of the chapel looking building. It's not solid.

    b) Telescope & King Gnaar: Inside the "Rapunzel" puzzle, if you go up the ladder and turn around, you can get a key on the left gargoyle. From here you need to bring up a platform and a Hexahedron. Then record yourself first holding the platform next to the box (so you can jump on it) then jump on the cube to get high enough to reach the telescope. The Gnaar is at the top of one of the mountain.

  17. World C-3

    a) Gandalf Gnaar: In the "Weathertop" puzzle, head directly to the cliff edge opposite of the entrance and look down.

    b) Serious Sam in Carbonite: Go through the purple field just to the right of the previous easter egg. Here jump down from the cliff edge to small ledge with a tree. Then follow the ledge.

    c) Snowman: In the "Jammer Quarantine" puzzle, it's behind the quarantined jammer on the promontory. I reached it using the jetpack but maybe it's also possible using an Hexahedron. Don't forget to fix up his fallen button for a surprise.

    d) Jetpack: To be able to get this you need to finish every puzzle in this level and get the star. If you don't the path will be closed. In the puzzle "Big Stairs, Little Stairs", go straight ahead of the entrance and to the cliff edge on the right of the blue laser emitter. Here if you jump down carefully you will reach a cave.

    e) Frozen Gnaar Cave: To get in there you need to fly below the entrance of the "Big Stairs, Little Stairs" puzzle using the jetpack.The puzzle to get inside won't be hard to solve if you got that far. You need: 3 Jammers, 2 Hexahedrons, 1 Fan, 1 Connector and a Red laser from the "Three Little Connectors... and a Fan" puzzle.

  18. World C-4

    Pictures of the developers: Before the "Stables" puzzle, jump on one of the left gargoyles and then on the wall. The pictures are on the balcony, you can get up there using the "Casual" or the "Hardcore" way.

  19. World C-6

    Diamond Sword from Minecraft: In the puzzle "Circumlocution", in the area where the Tetromino is you can find a gap in the wall hidden by some trees. This sword can be used to slash some vines behind the teleporter. It will reveal a QR code with a message in Croatian that translates to "you are not here".

  20. World C-7

    Another Snowman: In the puzzle "Carrier Pigeons", it's in the area behind the altar. You can get there by stacking three hexahedron and jumping on it from the nearest platform.

  21. Nexus

    QR code by a famous cracking group: Right of the elevator to the C world you can see a bunch of QR codes. Look at who signed the bottom left one.

  22. Tower

    a) Hidden QR Code: From the floor 5, go out the window to the pigeons, then jump down on the left of to level 4's roof instead of aiming for the star. From here jump again to the left and land on the roof of floor 3's elevator. The QR code will be on the balcony on the right of the elevator.

    b) Serious Sam Game Poster: Take the same path than for the QR code, but instead of jumping down to the balcony at the end, jump to the other side of it. From here you can jump on top of floor 2 puzzle.

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    You can sleep on the bed easter egg in B-2 to "Dream of Electric Sheep". Jul 14, 2015 at 20:57

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