I know that the highest gap that allows us to play in team in ranked mode is 2000.

I was wondering if it is the solo MMR or the party MMR which counts.

Is it any one of them or just the party MMR?

Thanks in advance!

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This is likely just the Party MMR, since that is the MMR you are playing with.

Single MMR as a statistic is not applied when playing party games.

  • I've played with people that were >2k over my solo mmr, but <2k over my party mmr, so I strongly suspect this is indeed the case. Commented Feb 2, 2015 at 19:24

It's actually 2k above the AVERAGE party MMR in the team. I often play with my 2K mmr friends, but we need a 3rd person with fairly high MMR to be able to find a ranked game.

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