I'm making a Minecraft minigame map using commandblocks (no code or mods). One of the game end conditions is that a team is eliminated.

How to I reliably check that a team has no members left alive on it?

I am using 1.8, and this will (obviously) be multiplayer

  • You're not using any building blocks? And what does the title means?
    – Q20
    Feb 3, 2015 at 8:25

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First set up an objective tracking player death, similar to what I outlined in my answer here. For the following, I assume that this objective is named hasDied and there are two teams, red and blue.

Instead of the testfor command in that answer, you can use

/testfor @a[team=red,score_hasDied=0]

Invert the redstone output, so that it turns on when nobody is left alive in team red and continue from there. Do the same thing for the blue team.

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