When I play PvZ, I often make hallucinated Phoenixes to scout. They have the ability to move and shoot which is great, but in this case I don't want them to shoot Overlords because it gives away they are fake.

I right click on the minimap (not attack move) yet they still attack any Overlords in their way for zero damage. I am almost thinking this is a bug, or maybe a strange behaviour of units that can attack and move.

Does anyone know how to move a Phoenix around to scout and not shoot an enemy?

  • I think that good zerg should not react to single phoenix at all if it hallucinated or not. If protoss going to starport one usually didn't show first phoenix to opponent. – Meta Apr 20 '11 at 19:42

Unfortunately you cannot do that.

It is not a bug or strange behaviour.

It is one of the core features of the unit itself, they attack while moving. Their AI makes them attack even while they move, even for a hallucinated unit.

During the campaign, the diamondback unit also has this feature (attacking while moving).

Edit: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/game/unit/phoenix

The Phoenix can fire its weapons while moving, giving it a slight edge in tactical maneuverability.

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