I plan to raise a Togekiss with Serene Grace. Togekiss can learn Air Slash which has a 30% chance of making the opponent flinch. I read from Serebii that Serene Grace doubles the chance of the secondary effect occuring, which would make the flinch chance 60%. If I make the Togekiss hold a Razor Fang, which increases flinch chance by 11.7%, will the chance of flinching become 71.7%? Or is Razor Fang's flinching buff also doubled by Serene Grace, making the overall flinch rate 83.4%?

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    I can't find anything about generation 6, but in generation 5 King's Rock/Razor Fang didn't increase the chance of moves which already caused flinching. Commented Feb 16, 2015 at 12:39

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According to Bulbapedia:

Serene Grace boosts the 10% flinch chance due to King's Rock or Razor Fang to 20%.

But as Studoku commented, in generation 5 Razor Fang increased the chance of causing the target Pokémon to flinch when using a move that deals damage and does not already have a chance to flinch.

It's reasonable to think this has not changed in generation 6.

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