I have been playing the Majora's Mask remake for the 3DS. I have collected all the heart pieces, masks, and everything I can remember from the N64 version but there is still an empty spot in my inventory. I'd like a list so that I can cross reference, I've checked a few from the N64 version but due to the reworked system not all the items on those lists apply. What are all the inventory items?

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I'll just type all of them

  • Arrow and the three type of arrows
  • Bomb
  • Bombchu
  • Deku stick
  • Deck nut
  • Magic beans
  • Powder keg
  • Pictograph box
  • Lens of truth
  • Hook shot
  • Great fairy sword
  • 7 bottles

That is all of them

If that doesn't help here is a walk through just read it and find what you are missing


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