I love vanity items, I just need one more : the fabled green cap.

I have tried butchering a few guides named Andrew in Terraria Mobile and none of them dropped it.

How can I get it ?

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If you are on a very early version of ios try killing fire imps. If you are up to date just keep killing Andrew.


Try using the Guide Voodoo Doll equipped and then killing him with any weapon instead of using butchering. Due to the fact you normally can't kill him without a Voodoo Doll, the game thinks that a mob or other entity killed him because it's normally impossible. By using the Voodoo Doll, the game knows you killed him on purpose. It should then drop Redigit's Green Cap!

In a nutshell: Try killing him by using the Guide Voodoo Doll, then attacking him.

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