This script "autofires" E while holding it down.

While GetKeyState("e","P")
    Random, r, 50, 250
    sleep r
    Send e

Is there a way to globally use this script for any key?

For example: Holding A, will autofire A and Z will autofire Z, etc.

Without manually assigning every possible key on the script.


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StringReplace, ThisKeyLabel, A_ThisLabel, $
While GetKeyState(ThisKeyLabel,"P")
    Random, r, 50, 250
    sleep r
    Send % ThisKeyLabel

The code uses A_ThisLabel to determine what button is pressed. I think I can probably setup a loop and use another function to declare the trigger, but I couldn't be bothered because this works :P

Note that the StringReplace is necessary because the $ will show up in the A_ThisLabel. If you have different hotstrings, like !a or +a or whatever, you'll need to remove the stuff you don't want to Send out.

EDIT: I can't find how to create the hotkeys using a loop or anything of that sort, but I just added in all the hotkeys manually and that only took me 15 seconds.

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    Excelent! Thank you very much. I'mm teeeeeestiiigg it riight noooooow. Feb 24, 2015 at 1:01

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