Simple question but I can't figure it out!

My copy of Bravely Default is pre-owned so has a save file on it which I want to delete. How do I do this?

(On a side note: any advantage to me keeping the other file? It's much further ahead in the game than I am, and at about level 65.)

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There is an arrow icon on the bottom right of the save file screen:

enter image description here

Click that and it should give you the option to delete files.


From gameFAQs forum post:

at the menu where you can see the three save slots - there's an arrow on the lower right of the screen. click on that to bring across options to copy/delete data.

If you decide to keep the save and finish the game, you can start new game+

When you start, you will be asked what you want to take over to the new game. Here is a list I found also on gameFAQs

  • Character Names (If you've changed your character's names, which you can do from chapter 6 onwards I believe)
  • Level
  • Jobs available (So you could start a new game+ with all jobs available to use from the start if you have them all in your completed game)
  • Job Level
  • Funds (Pg amount)
  • Items (Entire inventory, consumables, equipment, etc.)
  • Genome Abilities
  • Norende Village Population
  • Norende Village Status (Completion status of the shops)
  • D's Journal (Date revealed from the journal)
  • Special Moves (Parts in place, names, set status)
  • Play Time
  • Friends
  • Guests

You can check the box next to each one to mix and match with what you want to be transferred to your new game+

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