I've been grinding on a guild quest for the Velocidrome to get more marital and the quest started at level 1 and now is at level 29. What exactly changes as the level goes up? I've notice the Velocidrome has gotten slightly harder, but does it give better rewards also?

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The monsters in the guild quest will become harder as you clear them each time until the quest reaches LV 140.

LV1-30: Low Rank LV31-85: High Rank LV86-125: G Rank LV126-140: Super G Rank (need Special G3 Permit to take these on)

monsters at LV140 gets 300% base hp, if you are doing a dual monster guild quest, they are both at 270% as dual monster guild quests get's a -30%hp.

Finally, the reward will also become better, such as better relics and armor spheres at the end.

There's a lot of guides on how to get the most out of expeditions/guild quests if you google them.


From what I have done the reward and difficulty just seem to go up. Not sure if rewards change as all I get are velocidrome and prey stuff. Have gotten some abrasive at end also but no gear yet.

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