In Shadowrun: Dragonfall, I am playing a Samurai with high Charisma, and am trying to use much etiquette as possible. The issue is, etiquette are pretty narrow in application and in my playthrough I keep getting them in the wrong order.

What I am looking for is a spoiler-free list of etiquette to pick up each time I gain a choice, and the order I should pick. (For instance, there's a side-quest, early in the game where you will need both Corporate and/or Security etiquette.)

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  1. Security is the most useful one.
  2. Corporate would be the second most useful.
  3. Gang is the last one.

Having a charisma 6 will be extremely helpful too to avoid some fights.


Based on this in-depth etiquette analyst and breakdown by u/noqnnoqn in reddit, security is more or less an ok-isshh choice if you have a lot of charisma since:

Security seems useful with its seven checks, but a closer look paints another picture: 5/7 checks can be alternatively solved with Easy Charisma checks. One of the remaining two checks requires a subsequent a Hard Charisma check, leaving only one useful check for 4-5 Charisma builds. Valid choice for a 2-3 Charisma build, otherwise debatable.

Via - u/noqnnoqn

And this is what he concluded his analysis with:

1. Socialite.....¥¥¥!!!
2. Street........Highest general usefulness.
3. Academic......Situationally useful for a few important conversations. 
4. Security......Excellent pick for low Charisma builds.
5. Gang..........At least it's not Corporate.
6. Corporate.....Worse than Gang.
7. Shadowrunner..Worse than Socialite.

He however added that this list varies from build to build since Deckers & Riggers for example have little use for Academic as Intelligence checks serve as alternatives for two of the three Academic checks.

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