So, I have followed most of the steps that I can located here, however I do not have a physical copy of GTA 5 for PS4 just yet (I intend to get it eventually). I used to play on xbox 360, but now have PS4. I have a PSN ID, but have not paid for the online service (I don't have Playstation Plus). I have linked my rockstar account online to my PSN ID.

My question is this, can I cancel my Xbox live account and still transfer my online progress to PS4? My renewal is coming up for Xbox live and I would like to cancel it before paying for another whole year if I can help it. Does anyone have experience with this? Has anyone transferred their online account (Rockstar account) from Xbox 360 to Playstation 4 but cancelled their Xbox live account before doing so? I didn't specifically see anything in the instructions about it, but I did not want to assume.


Turns out cancelling before transferring worked just fine!!!

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