In Wipeout HD (PS3), the "Beat Zico" trophy is one of the hardest trophies I have ever tried to obtain! I'm doing all of the barrel rolls from this video to get the time needed:

Even then I only come within 1 second of getting the par time, I can't find any way to cut my time down further than this. The barrel roll onto the walkway at the end is quite difficult, I end up swerving a lot.

Tips guys?

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From ps3trophies.org:

I recommend setting up a speed lap session with 99 laps in, this will then give you 99 laps to try and beat the required lap time.


The best route for this trophy would be:

  1. Do 1 lap around and save your speed boost. As you get near to the starting/finishing line you should use it. This gives you a big boost and an extra valuable second on the next lap.
  2. As you go around the first corner try to hit all 3 speed pads, the first is in the middle of the track and the following two are on the outside lane. After you have hit the last one try to move your ship back to the left hand side of the track.
  3. Now there is a bum in the track. If you hit it right, tilt your ship upwards & use your speed boost, you should be able to fly into the air giving you enough time to do your 1st barrel roll.
  4. As you land a barrel roll you get a speed boost. Hopefully you will land at the top of a ramp going down to another part of the track. You should fly off of this giving you some more air that will enable you to your 2nd barrel roll.
  5. As you land try to hit the speed bump and fly close to the right hand side of the track to turn the corner nice and tight.
  6. THIS IS NOW THE HARDEST PART TO PERFORM!! As you go around the left try to hit two speed bumps in one go, head to the left after the speed bumps to the high ledge shortcut. Head to the RIGHT of this ledge where it is slightly higher, you are aiming to try and get high enough to quickly perform your 3rd barrel roll. You need to quickly do the barrel roll because you only have about 1 second air time, as you come back down try to maneuver yourself back into the middle of the ledge.
  7. Now try to keep on the ledge for a few seconds until you have to jump off of the left hand side, here you will have to perform your 4th barrel roll. Try to land on the speed pads at the bottom for a further speed boost. Now just cross the finishing line and hope that your time was under the required target.

This is another trophy that requires you to have patience but with practice you should get it over time.

Finally, this is the suggested video to follow for pinning down the precise barrel roll locations:

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