I am new to the Monster Hunter series and have started off using the Insect Glaive weapon as my weapon of choice. However when I have gone to upgrade the weapon there is a ton of information involving feeding the kinsect as well as levelling the weapon.

From what I have learned so far it seems that building speed into the weapon is the best way to build the weapon up, how do I do this, also what is the best way to distribute the elemental damage on the weapon?

Also is cutting or blunt insect better for damage etc


Elemental damage on your Kinsect is largely negligible, as your main source of damage is the glaive itself rather than the Kinsect. Due to this, choosing between a cutting or blunt Kinsect is also not really important, although some would lean towards a blunt Kinsect giving that you may be targeting the head a lot for red extracts.

Speed+ and Speed++ Nectars are important for increasing the Speed stat of your Kinsect. Speed+ Nectar can be gathered in the wild from plant resource nodes, although they have a relatively low drop rate, as well as purchased from the Wycoon. Speed++ Nectars can be found in abundance in G-rank expeditions, typically at plant resource points inside treasure areas.

Speed+ Nectar boosts Speed at the cost of Stamina. Thus, you'll typically want to use these Nectars before using any Stamina Nectars. Speed++, on the hand, boosts Speed and subtracts a point from all Element stats. If you are intent on using Element Nectars to get an elemental Kinsect, you'll want to use Speed++ Nectar before working on the Element stat.

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  • for different glaives do I need to level the kinsect all over again? – Matthew Pigram Mar 11 '15 at 4:55
  • Yes, each Glaive has its own Kinsect. – Yuuki Mar 11 '15 at 5:07
  • @Yuuki However the kinsect can evolve and change during upgrades. – JDWhaler Apr 19 '15 at 6:59

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