A dead giant has been following me around Skyrim. It first showed up at Pelagia farm, and I just thought to myself, “Well, a giant must've attacked some farmer and he was killed by the AI.” But, nope. He appeared just as I was walking out of Whiterun.

here he is in front of Whiterun just so you know I'm not lying

The weird thing is that he’s always empty.

My main question is: Has anyone else seen it, and what did I do to get the same dead giant to follow me everywhere?

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    In future, use the screenshot key instead of taking a cellphone picture of your monitor. Mar 15 '15 at 18:12

Dead bodies appearing when you load an area is a fairly common bug in Skyrim, I've had it a lot with dragons (although it may just be confirmation bias in that I notice those corpses the easiest).

To fix this specific case, you can open the console (` or ~) and click on the dead giant. Make double sure that it says you've selected the giant and not something else, then type disable or markfordelete and press enter. This should remove the giant.

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