In SSB4, I heard there was a taunt that could hit, which ended up being Luigi's down taunt, I think. I do not play this game really often, so I was wondering, are there any other taunt attacks? I have seen some that look like they should be attacks, but I haven't quite tested them out.


In SSB4, there are two characters with damaging taunts:

  • Luigi's down taunt (the heel scuff) is a meteor smash of fixed knockback. Using on an unsuspecting opponent that's near or on an edge can result in a satisfying KO.

Luigi down taunt

  • Greninja's down taunt (the palm fountains) is a multi-hit attack that does 0.5% damage per hit. It's slow and weak, and can't even KO in Sudden Death, but it's damaging.

Greninja down taunt

  • In Brawl, Snake's box taunt could also be used to damage enemies
    – Stevoisiak
    Jun 18 '17 at 20:54

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