I recently noticed that next to some of the weapons' attack power statistic, there is a slash and then another number. This is also true for armor. I would assume that it means that is the amount of damage/protection once fully upgraded. Also, next to some of the armor that has strength/discipline/intellect/light bonuses, there is also a slash and then another number. However, this number is usually only one or two higher than the original number. I am a level 20 Titan. Can anyone tell me what these mean?

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The first number is the current value of the armor or damage the weapon does. The second number, as you say, is the value it´ll have once fully upgraded.

  • You might want to amplify that when fully upgraded, the two numbers will be the same, which may be why OP is seeing values separated by not very much. Mar 24, 2015 at 17:12

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