Some of wars you run give additional scores, you can see on the screenshot that Ottomans earned quite a few good quests:

  • 2nd Makurian Purge of Funj Heresy:
  • 3rd Georgian Reconquest of Mingerelia

I (play France) also had some of them, mainly related to expansion and colonization ideas.

But not all my wars give score.

Question: how to know what war will give you score?


P.S. I recently completed a couple of different quests (missions, colonization or exploration tasks) nothing gives the bonus anymore...

enter image description here


It looks like I have found the answer or at least a good guess.

In order to get scores from at least colonial conquest you should take defeated country into protectorate. This way you get scores :)

Neither annexation, nor getting money give you those scores. Only Protectorate. See "French Conquest of Ojibwe" line.

Score screen with points for making opponent protectorate

  • Actually, I've gotten 'quest score' for getting money as well... so logic could be more complicated... Any additional information is still welcome! – Budda Mar 26 '15 at 2:07

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