I've been trying to make a bomb using commands.

When the player uses the spawn egg I want it to summon like 10-20 invisible armor stands, then use /spreadplayers to spread them above ground and underground at a 10 block radius from the player. Afterwards, TNT is summoned at the armor stands and that makes the explosion. After that the armor stands are killed.

The problem is, I don't know if the /spreadplayers command even works with armor stands.

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Yes, it turns out that you can use /spreadplayers with entities. This:

/spreadplayers 30 30 10 30 false @e[type=!Player]

Will spread any non-player entities. Using @e[type=ArmorStand] in that command instead will limit it to just your armour stands.

/spreadplayers ~1 ~1 10 30 false @e[type=ArmorStand]

/spreadplayers ~1 ~1 10 11 @e[type=Armor_Stand] This answer updated for user112256 but now in 1.12.x, ArmorStand is now armor_stand.

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