I've read that transferring characters from lastgen BL2 or BLPS to the respective game in the Handsome Collection will net you 75 golden keys and a few other bonuses.

This page - Cross-Save in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (UPDATED) - seems to indicate that no transfer has to take place, all I have to do is sign into SHiFT in the Handsome Collection to get the bonuses, for both games.

So my question is this:

  • If I transfer only a BL2 character, since I don't even own the Pre Sequel on Xbox 360, will I get the bonus in both games on Xbox One, or just BL2?

Judging by the linked page, it appears I don't even have to transfer a single character, perhaps that's the right answer? I just have to sign into SHiFT?

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