As I've progressed through the game, I've been steadily gaining Insight via fighting bosses and Madman's Knowledge items. Ultimately, I'm interested in seeing what I can buy with Insight from the Insight shop in the Hunter's Dream, but I haven't gained access to it quite yet, so for the moment I have a decently-sized Insight pool just sitting on my character.

Unlike Humanity in Dark Souls, I don't seem to lose any Insight when I die in Bloodborne, which is nice, but I still feel a little nervous about having an active Insight count on the HUD, as though it might be possible to lose them somehow, such as through PvP or something like that. I know that you can spend Insight to summon other players for co-op play, but I'm only concerned about whether it can be "taken" or "lost" somehow.

Do I have anything to worry about, or can I consider my Insight to be safely "banked" until I'm ready to use it?

If my Insight is safe, is there any reason not to immediately use all future Madman's Knowledge items when I obtain them, rather than keep them in item form until they're needed?

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You don't ever lose it from dying, some enemies steal it. A couple areas are harder if you have 15 or more. It's pretty easy to get if you just want to spend it though.


There is an enemy in the area below the Cathedral, which becomes accessible after the Blood-Starved Beast boss, that is very reminiscent of the guards in Latria's Tower in Demon's Souls. It has a paralyzing attack and then sucks two insight out of you per attack.


unfortunately you will lose insight later in the game if u are dying, my experience from 17 insight i die 3 time then realize my insight drop to 3. Just keep MMK and spend your current insight.

  • Are you sure about this? According to the wiki it's not possible to lose insight upon dying, only the Brainsuckers can do that: bloodborne.wikia.com/wiki/Insight
    – Puce
    Oct 22, 2018 at 14:52

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