On PocketMine.com, I went to the plugins zone and found plugins I want for my upcoming MCPE server (il post IP on profile when done).

But, I don't have a computer to use, so I need to do this without a computer.

I have not yet installed the PocketMine app, but I will install it soon if this is possible to do.

Can I just use my tablet for installing plugins with the website and the app, or do I need a file storing app (ie: Dropbox)

Devices used:

Tablet: iPad 4 running 8.1.1 (I DON'T want 8.2)

PocketMine plugins and app to latest version.

  • Regarding the VTC: asking how to install mods for Minecraft is not the same as asking for technical support for modded Minecraft. – Joachim Jan 25 at 23:16

Also, pocketmine-MP can only be installed on the following devices:

  • Android Device,
  • Windows computer,
  • linux,
  • Mac OSX,
  • Jailbroken iOS Devices,

Unfortunatly, without Jailbreak you cannot install Pocketmine-MP, sorry. You can create a free 24 hour server at instantmcpe.com

But you cannot get plugins.

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a new no jailbreak application get out named "Plug Pocketmine" You can actually run a Pocketmine server right from your iOS no jailbreak device :) Its supports plugins from www.pocketmine.net but you cannot modify configuratiob and you cant upload your own plugin

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