As it happened to me in pretty much every RPG I played, it turns out that my initial choices of skills weren't exactly ideal. The first character I meet has exactly the same skill at maximum level that I have. The second I meet also has this skill as his highest. This in turn means that I currently have no character that has focused entirely on mechanics, only a bunch of characters at a reasonably high, but not high enough level for the traps I'm encountering right now.

Is there a way to respec skills? I'd prefer an ingame mechanic, but I would consider using a cheat, console command or editor as I just want to switch around skills, not increase the absolute amount.


There's currently no in game mechanic to do this. While there are save editors and cheats (or were during the Backer Beta - I don't know of anything updated for release), do keep in mind that use of either can disable all Steam achievements (though this is fixable.)

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    Cheating part is wrong - using CheatEngine tables allowes you to modify stats without loosing achievements. Bah, one of them allows to restore gaining Steam achievements to a game that already lost that ability due to using in-game console.
    – Deltharis
    Mar 29 '15 at 17:51

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