I just had help with :

/scoreboard players set @a[team=Ninja] jump 0 {SelectedItem:{id:minecraft:ender_eye}}

But I was wondering if you could have it so it was any item this would be a great help as other wise I would have to use multiple command blocks this wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't doing a one block command.

  • Can you be more specific? What are you trying to achieve? Are you saying you want to test for absolutely any item? – Ben Mar 29 '15 at 7:56
  • yes that is exactly what I am trying to do but if I can list more that one I team that would be ok but any item would be better – user106595 Mar 29 '15 at 8:01

You could just test for SelectedItem:{}, as the same method can be applied for itemframes. But if it doesn't work then you could test for Count:0b and invert the signal.

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