I am playing game The Age of Empire III in which I am creating a custom map but there is no open to create it, I found one option which is creating scenario which doesn't come up in custom map.

I found few clues about it but not the clear information.

So I am asking:

How to create a Custom Map in Age of Empire III?

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That's rather complex.

You can create a scenario ingame, but in order to create a custom map, you must obtain a certain skill: RMS. It's the abbreviation for Random Map Scripting. There's no editor out there to create a custom map in AOE3, you must do it all by yourself, you must write it yourself.

If you really are eager to learn that, you can visit those sources:

If you follow everything written down there, you are ready to go and you can start off by creating a cool map. Wish you good luck!


Click onto 'Help and Tools' on the main menu and then click into 'Scenario Editor' should give you a blank map to start from

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