I started playing Emerald few weeks back. I wanted to use cheats here. I had put the master code and the master ball code which works absolutely fine. But whenever I use pokemon code nothing happens. Keep in mind, I play On my Android phone in the GBA emulator (not the John lite version). Once I put the Pokémon cheat and then use the PC in Pokémon Center the game just freezes.

I don't know what the problem is but when I searched about it many people claim that they had it worked on their cell phones.

The code I'm using is for Bulbasaur: 83007CF6 0001, which I obtained off the supercheats.com site

  • Hi @user3627194, welcome to Arqade! It would help if you could tell us which code exactly is giving you trouble, where you got the code from (so we can cross-reference to make sure you're entering the code correctly), and list the steps you're taking when you enter it :) – Robotnik Mar 31 '15 at 5:47
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    @Robotnik it is available on supercheat.com – user3627194 Mar 31 '15 at 5:49
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    @Robotnik for eg. Balbusar = 83007CF6 0001 – user3627194 Mar 31 '15 at 5:50
  • Thanks, I've added those to your question :). I'll test it when I get home - which GBA emulator are you using? is it just called 'Android GBA Emulator'? – Robotnik Mar 31 '15 at 5:54
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    @Robotnik it can easily be found here play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.van.gba – user3627194 Mar 31 '15 at 5:57

What probably happened to you is a "Bad Egg" has appeared in your pc, causing your game to freeze. Basically, bad eggs have a chance to appear when you cheat and getting rid of them isn't that easy. If you want to research more about bad eggs, you can read about them more in this link. Bad Egg

Here you can see more about how to get rid of them. Getting Rid of Bad Eggs in Pokémon Emerald

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