i have completed lvl 10 , feb 2015 , lvl 11 is now open .. No objectives are available but if I go into game centre it shows there are hidden achievements left to do .. Anyone know what they are ,, I have all the ones listed on the wiki site


There are a maximum of 20 hidden achievements.You need to keep playing the game. Get started to complete the secret achievements by Jumping for no reason. Doing something unique. Going to long distances etc.

The points of the achievements are listed below :-

4 Achievements - 5 Points
4 Achievements - 6 Points
4 Achievements - 14 Points
1 Achievement - 15 Points
2 Achievements - 22 Points
1 Achievement - 23 Points
2 Achievements - 25 Points
1 Achievement - 27 Points
1 Achievement - 36 Points

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