I am stuck on a puzzle on level 7 where the player needs to remove the x's from the sentence.

fx will find forward, t will go txill, ; wixll repeat them, , rexverse the dexal "

I only have 12 key presses to pass, but I never can complete it. I get to the last step when I have 0 chances left. I believe in this exercise I should use 't\T\f\F' and ';' and ',' buttons, however I am still stuck.Level 7 part 2.5


Searches made using f and t are remembered across different blocks of text in the game (and across buffers in vim), so you can use ; and , on the first line using the saved search from your previous attempt to save one keystroke.


In order to finish this puzzle, you need to collect the f, ; and , keys. Note that when you bump into bushes, you sometimes find things - either keyboard shortcuts or people.

You should go back to the Alice text at the beginning of the level (the long one) and go through all the bushes. There are a lot of things to find. It will also make traversing the text a lot easier.

One more thing, if you're still missing one keystroke to finish this text after you collect everything, remember that ; and , repeat the last search within the line, even if it was not performed on the current text.


As said above; using ft,; but.... you cannot complete the puzzle on the first attempt.

  • Can you go into more detail please? Why can't they beat the puzzle on the first attempt? – Robbie Dec 7 '19 at 20:42

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