I just begun playing Bloodborne, and I have already killed an NPC permanently (the red-cloaked dude in the chapel ward). I was going to ask what are the implications of such "accident", but I figured I will end up making the same question for several other NPCs.

Therefore, what I want to ask is:

What NPCs can you permanently kill in Bloodborne, and what are the implications?


You do not have any direct consequences when killing an NPC besides that this killed NPCs will not help you in the combat anymore :P

When you kill an NPCs you also dont get a punishment of any kind. Other NPCs will think that they got killed by a enemy, even then when they have full health and you kill them directly in front of the other NPC.

The following reddit post contains a discussion on how to get the most out of NPCs. Warning! The Reddit post contains spoiler! Click here if you are aware of potential spoilers

Image 1 - A friendly NPC called Plain Doll. You can find her at Hunter's Dream

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