A few friends and I want to play some AOE over the weekend. I have a MacBook Air, and they have PC's running Windows XP. They are all able to connect to a single host using the "Local Area Network" option in multiplayer, however, I cannot connect to a host running Windows.

I am unable to locate any option which says "LAN" in the multiplayer screen. Also, even though we're all connected to the same router and have IPs like,, etc, I can't directly connect over TCP/IP using their IP address.

I have Googled for this and have seen posts saying that AOE II does not support cross platform multi-player gaming. I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have ideas?

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Try to use Hamachi to connect two computers in LAN and download a program called aoe loader. Open the aoe loader and select the hamachi IP and try playing the game. This worked for me. Hope it works for you too.


I could bet that works, but, after search the web, I found that doesn't.

I found something here: http://destineergames.com/support/?page_id=35

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer support for cross-platform, multiplayer gaming at this time.


Playing Age of Empires 2 cross-platform between a PC (Windows 7) and a Mac (OS X 10.10 Yosemite) works -- at least if you also play the PC version through Wine on the Mac. Have successfully done this today, playing a two-player game on the same (W)LAN.

In our case, the PC was the game host, and the Mac joined.

Steps on the Windows (game host) machine

  • Install AoE 2.
  • Make sure the right ports are open. "Allowing the application" in Windows Firewall should be enough (assuming there no other firewalls have been installed).
  • Start the game and create a multiplayer LAN game. Wait for the Mac.

Steps on the Mac (game participant) machine

  • Get Wineskin, create a new Wineskin wrapper application, and install AoE 2.
  • Install DirectPlay through WineTricks. This is preferably done through the Wineskin wrapper's advanced options, reachable by holding ⌘ Cmd when starting the wrapper. Then click Advanced, Tools, Winetricks, find DirectPlay in the list(s) and hit "run".
  • Start the game using the wrapper. If all has gone well, the game created on the Windows machine should show up in the list of LAN games on the Mac.
  • Join and enjoy!

We were of course making sure we ran the same version/patch of the game on both machines. Haven't tried it yet, but have read good things about the ambitious UserPatch, which both fixes bugs and improves the game in general.

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