In Minecraft and in the answers I see stuff like this:

/testfor @a[x=X,y=Y,z=-Z,r=R]

Then the people say to hook it up to a /setblock command or a /fill command or etc.

What do people mean when they say "hook up to"? How do you hook up a /testfor command block to another /setblock command? I understand the whole /testfor thing except the part on how to hook it up to another command block.


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To use a /testfor command block, simply hook it up to your circuit with a redstone comparator.

Arrangement of Command Block and Comparator

When the testfor condition is met, the comparator will output a signal (out of the end facing away from the block). Simply place another command block or a redstone circuit there and it will do what you want when you want.


You can set Command-Blocks in your world and put a command in it. The command get executed every time a redstone starts powering the block.

In case of the testfor-command the block itself will emit a redstone signal which you are able to catch with a Comparator.
If the state you test for is true the Comparator will return a signal. It will not return a signal (or disable the current active signal) if the statement is false.

In your case: When you power a commandblock and a Player is nearby thoose cooridantes you will get a signal from the Comparator you can hook up to other contraptions such as a door or another commandblock. You could use this to open/close a hidden door only when you or one of your friends is nearby. You would have a door thats closed to everyone the command doesnt look for. Or when a player goes into your store you could whisper to them what you're currently selling.

I can recommend working with redstones to anyone. Working with redstone is much fun and if you ever need help again feel free to just ask the community :)

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