Ok so Saturday I downloaded Team Fortress 2 from steam onto my Acer laptop. Well my friend, Austin, has the game as well. I saw him using a wired 360 controller to play the game. But, when I tried, I could only use the controller to pause, select and cancel stuff. It would not let me use it to move around. How do I enable this? Second, I always see people using in-game chat to talk. I know how to use basic in game chat but I do not know how to use the chat window. (I know I am only allowed to ask one question, but please bear with me here. I am trying to learn the game and I never know when my internet will go out.)

  • if it helps any I use the default settings – Andrew Eckert Apr 14 '15 at 21:02

TF2 isn't set up to use an XBox 360 controller by default. Instead, you need to open a developer console (using ~, the key left of 1) and type exec 360controller

If you ever want to undo this, you need to go back to the developer console and run exec undo360controller.

If ~ doesn't work, you may need to enable the Developer Console in the game's Advanced Options menu, activated through one of the buttons at the bottom-right area of the main menu.


As for text chat, it's Y for all chat and U for team-only chat. Voice chat is done by holding down V by default. Who can hear voice chat is dependent on the server's sv_alltalk (off by default) and tf_teamtalk (on by default) settings.


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